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The Senator George J.Mitchell Institute
for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Musicians without Borders Derry/Londonderry Project

Professor Fiona Magowan and Dr Jim Donaghey are working with trainers and participants on the Music Bridge facilitation programme in Derry/Londonderry to analyse how participatory music-making techniques and social media practices are variously employed by the international NGO Musicians Without Borders (MWB) as tools for building trust in Northern Ireland. 

Dr Julie Norman is working with MWB in Palestine to examine how processes of creativity and participation in sound interventions shape experiences, narratives, and memories of conflict

By participating in training programmes and following the work of facilitators beyond the training programmes, we seek to understand the on-going impacts of these creative processes upon musicianship and their wider transformative potential in addressing more deep-rooted and long-lasting effects of conflict.

StoryMap Tools for Research Purposes
This online toolkit is being used to give participants an idea of how sound relates to our research project.

Participants will collaborate with us to make a larger map to illustrate the geographical diversity of our Musicians with Borders Derry/Londonderry Project.

Our StoryMap of Belfast helps our participants see and hear how they can make their own maps to integrate with this project. 


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