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Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Settings Symposium 29/11/18

Dr Jim Donaghey presents at interdisciplinary research initiative exploring reconciliation in post-conflict settings

Jim at ArtNReconciliation Conference

Art & Reconciliation is an innovative and interdisciplinary research initiative, funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, and led by King’s College London and partners at the University of the Arts London and London School of Economics and Political Science, that seeks to find answers to critical questions around reconciliation in post-conflict settings.

The 29th November 2018 Symposium marked the end of this ambitious project, invited project participants, artists, practitioners and academics to explore the key themes of the project.  Dr Jim Donaghey joined the Symposium, representing the Sounding Conflict project (which, like the Art & Reconciliation project is funded by PaCCS). The methodologies of research with Musicians Without Borders’ community music making initiatives and training was outlined by Dr Donaghey, paying particular attention to the potential ‘impact’ of those methodologies.


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